Our Services

Our mission is to help our clients transform innovative & disruptive technologies into business solutions using our DigitalDNA products.

GDPR Consulting

Our in-house GDPR legal team and qualified practitioners can help you ensure your services are not only GDPR compliant but also take a front seat in driving through the remediation activities.

So far we have supported clients in ensuring over 200 services are GDPR compliant.

Blockchain Consulting

With our consulting and development capabilities we not only help you strategise, identify and assess your pain points or new opportunities but once identified use our expertise in the Blockchain space to identify if this technology is the optimal solution to address these needs and how it should be implemented with an optimal ROI.  We then work with you to deliver a solution in an Agile methodology ensuring you’re fully involved in the delivery process and get just the right solution to meet your needs.

As a consultancy and delivery firm we are platform agnostic but have developed solutions on R3, Etherium and Hyperledger.

RPA Consulting

RPA has evolved greatly in the past years from the basic level of record and repeat an action through to programming decisions and now into intelligence based automation.

Our consulting and development team have a proven methodology to assess your processes and identify a business case to automate the recommended steps. This business case will be focused on your priorities such reduce cost to serve or time to serve and will suggest the optimal solution which could be a one off Python script or a full RPA software solution such as UI Path or Automation Anywhere.

Once budget is secured our delivery team will develop the solution using an Agile methodology.

Value Leakage Solution

Fifth9 Price Manager, a service developed by Fifth9, is a bespoke automated platform for your contract management cycle. It is capable of linking natural language contract text to rule-based logic. This can then be used to instantly identify value leakage on contract completion, as well as automatically trigger actions on contract execution.

Its capabilities include:

  • DocuSign integration
  • Workflow management integration
  • Creation or importing of existing contracts in any format
  • Natural language to automated action mapping functionality
  • Automated Value Leakage management
  • Contract rule action execution

Agile Delivery Resources

All of our projects are delivered in an Agile methodology.

As such, our Agile and SAFe experience allows us to provide resources to our clients as Business Analysts, Service Designers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Project Managers.

IoT Strategy Consulting

Fifth9 have operated within IoT for over 10 years especially within the Telecommunication space. As such we have a wealth of knowledge. Our consulting team perform Strategy Consulting assessments for our clients identifying the what / how / why regards deploying or enhancing their IoT service offering.

We have performed these engagements across the globe including the UK, Singapore, Malaysia and Canada