Digital Law

Maintaining data security and compliance is an ever-increasing priority in the digital world. Our Digital Law department focuses on privacy law and data protection. We offer a Data Protection Officer as a service where we act on companies’ behalf to drive their GDPR compliance, conducting audits, checks and reporting to their senior management on risk.

Commercial Contracts




  • Drafting and advising on all forms of commercial contracts 
  • Outsourcing agreements  
  • IT and Telecoms procurement  
  • Outsourcing managed services   
  • Supplier framework agreements  
  • Purchase / sale of products, equipment and services  
  • Consultancy agreements  
  • Review of, and advice on existing contracting processes to ensure they are fit for purpose  
  • Competition law and other regulatory aspects of the deals you do 
  • Legal advice on government framework agreements and completion of procurement tenders.


Information & Communication Technology


Whether you need advice on buying new systems, setting up a website, gathering and using staff and customer data we can help. 

  • Drafting contracts and advice relating to Platforms (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS), Blockchain, Cloud, Internet of Things and FinTech 
  • Legal tokenization frameworks 
  • Legal advice and drafting of Website terms and conditions. 
  • Advice on the law relating to website cookies.  
  • Acceptable use policies  
  • Website design contracts  
  • Web-hosting agreements 
  • Software / hardware supply agreements 
  • Advice on APIs 
  • Legal advice on and drafting of data and cyber security policies. 


Data Protection (Data Privacy and Data Security)


  • Data Protection (Data Privacy and Data Security) 
  • Data Protection Officer services (DPO-as-a-Service) 
  • Compliance advice on Data Privacy and Data Security in line with GDPR and DPA(UK) 
  • Conducting Data Protection Health checks 
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments and Transfer Impact Assessments 
  • Gap Analysis and Recommendations for compliance 
  • Cyber Security Health Checks and recommendations 
  • Gap analysis on international data protection regulations vs GDPR and recommendations 
  • Drafting and completion of Data Protection Agreements.
Sales & Marketing
  • Customer terms and conditions of business  
  • Sales promotions terms and conditions  
  • Advertising / trading standards compliance and distance selling regulations  
  • Sales agency agreements  
  • Distribution and partnering agreements. 
Intellectual Property


  • Non-disclosure agreements  
  • How to establish and protect:  
  • Copyright: Trademarks, Domain names, Designs (registered and unregistered)
  • Passing off 
  • IP Sales and Purchase  
  • Database rights  
  • Cybersquatting  
  • IPR commissioning agreements  
  • Assignments and licensing of intellectual property rights.