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Fifth9 has teamed up with Clause to power our Price Manager solution to help companies tackle value leakage in their contract management cycle.

Companies lose 9% of revenue annually from poor contract management, according to the IACCM. This 9% amounts to the loss of a staggering $2.5 trillion for Fortune’s 2016 Global 500 companies.

Clause has recently published a blog article on Fifth9’s Price Manager, highlighting the development of Smart Commercial Contracts and how our solution is built to mitigate and resolve such loss through contract automation.

Read the article here: Smart Commercial Contracts: Price Manager by Fifth9 and Clause by

Learn more about our fifth9 Price Manager here: Introducing Fifth9 Price Manager – The Solution to Value Leakage

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Introducing Fifth9 Price Manager – The Solution to Value Leakage

Fifth9 are thrilled to announce the launch of their solution to value leakage — the Fifth9 Price Manager.

Due to contract value leakage, companies can lose on average 9% of revenue annually. This can equate to a massive amount of revenue slipping away.

Fifth9 Price Manager is a bespoke automated platform for your contract management cycle. It is capable of linking natural language contract text to rule-based logic. This can then be used to instantly identify value leakage on contract completion, as well as automatically trigger actions on contract execution.

Its capabilities include:

  • DocuSign integration
  • Workflow management integration
  • Creation or importing of existing contracts in any format
  • Natural language to automated action mapping functionality
  • Automated Value Leakage management
  • Contract rule action execution

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