Commercial Contracts

Discover how Fifth9 can elevate your business with expert legal solutions tailored to your needs. Our experienced lawyers specialise in drafting and advising on commercial contracts, ensuring clarity and protection of your rights. We optimise outsourcing agreements, handle IT and telecoms procurement, and draft supplier framework agreements. Additionally, we offer guidance on competition law and regulatory aspects, and provide specialised advice on government framework agreements and procurement tenders. Let Fifth9 be your trusted legal partner in driving innovation, protecting your assets, and achieving your business goals in the technology sector.
  • Drafting and advising on all forms of commercial contracts: From sales agreements and service contracts to licensing agreements and partnership agreements, we provide expert drafting and advice to ensure clarity, enforceability, and protection of your rights.
  • Outsourcing agreements: We structure outsourcing agreements that optimise efficiency and minimise risks, addressing key issues such as scope of services, performance metrics, confidentiality, and termination provisions.
  • IT and Telecoms procurement: Our firm offers legal support for IT and telecoms procurement transactions, addressing complex issues such as intellectual property rights, data protection, service level agreements, and compliance with industry regulations.
  • Outsourcing managed services: We assist in negotiating and drafting contracts for outsourced managed services, covering a wide range of services including IT support, facilities management, and business process outsourcing.
  • Supplier framework agreements: We draft supplier framework agreements that establish long-term relationships with key suppliers, addressing pricing, delivery schedules, quality standards, and dispute resolution mechanisms.
  • Purchase / sale of products, equipment and services: Whether you are buying or selling goods or services, we provide comprehensive legal support to facilitate smooth transactions, mitigate risks, and protect your interests.
  • Consultancy agreements: We draft consultancy agreements that clearly define the scope of services, deliverables, fees, and obligations of both parties, ensuring clarity and minimising potential disputes.
  • Audit of existing contracting processes: We conduct thorough reviews of your existing contracting processes to identify areas for improvement and ensure they align with your business goals and regulatory requirements.
  • Competition law and other regulatory aspects: Our team offers guidance on competition law implications and other regulatory aspects related to your deals, helping you navigate legal complexities and mitigate compliance risks.
  • Government framework agreements and procurement tenders: We provide specialised legal advice on government framework agreements and assist in completing procurement tenders, ensuring compliance with public procurement rules and regulations.

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