Corporate Finance

Elevate Your Financial Strategy

We specialise in maximising shareholder value by skilfully navigating the complexities of finance. Whether you’re looking for assistance in business case development, P&L diagnostics or executing intricate M&A transactions, our seasoned team is ready to support you.

Our Expertise Covers

Business Case Creation: We help you develop compelling pitches and detailed business plans to secure internal and external support for your projects.

M&A Support: Our team guides you through every stage of mergers and acquisitions, from initial strategy and fundraising to closing the deal.

Budgeting & Forecasting: We provide accurate and strategic financial planning to help you set realistic budgets and forecast future financial performance.

RoI Business Analysis: We analyse your investments to optimise returns and ensure you’re getting the most value from your resources.

Pricing Frameworks: We create effective pricing strategies tailored to products that have no direct competitors, ensuring you stay competitive in the market.


Recent Engagements


  • Crafted a comprehensive business case and pitch for an ambitious internal project.
  • Supported a start-up through successful fundraising and M&A processes.
  • Delivered detailed budgeting and forecasting solutions for various clients.
  • Conducted ROI business analysis to enhance investment outcomes.
  • Developed unique pricing frameworks for innovative, market-defining products.

Our Approach

We believe in a collaborative approach that ensures our output is clear, actionable, and sustainable for your team. Unlike the “standardised blinding with science” methods, we focus on creating solutions your team can understand and own post-project. Our goal is to empower you with the tools and insights needed to drive lasting success.

Transform your corporate finance strategy with us. Let’s achieve excellence together.