Operating Model


An enterprise’s operating model identifies the roles and structure needed to implement and execute the activities that will achieve an enterprise’s business objectives and vision. It is an imperative component of a successful, sustainable business model, allowing for the creation of tangible, effective outputs.

At Fifth9, we have worked directly with tier one Telecoms companies across the UK, Asia and the Americas to create the structure of their business unit. Once that core tenet is in place, we can advise on what specific roles and responsibilities are needed to build out the business units, creating the ability to achieve their goals and to add value through self-sustained improvement


  • Shaped and created an end-to-end enterprise business unit for a Global Telecoms company in South America from first principles, putting together the resources, processes and capabilities to achieve their specific industry goals.
  • Built a team based on the client’s specific business goal, working directly with senior management stakeholders to equip them with the best possible resources to ensure all roles, capabilities, skillsets were captured and executed on.