Strategy Consultancy


Strategic consultancy is the business objectives and decisions an enterprise can achieve based on the expertise and insights provided to them based on their core foundations of people, processes and technology. It allows an enterprise to have a clear picture of how to pursue and fulfil their business goals using the tools and resources at their disposal. We look to provide our expertise in strategic decision making to ensure that our clients are achieving their business objectives as efficiently and successfully as possible.

At Fifth9 we have 20+ years of experience in navigating the ever-changing and evolving technology landscape. With expertise in Telecommunications and Banking and Finance, we have created a pool of industry experts, who provide concise strategic initiatives that deliver value and ensure self-sustainable practices for our clients and their overall business objectives. We help to take the risk out of big, business decisions by providing our expert analysis and insights based on our clients’ needs and wants.


  • Shaped the vision and strategy of Telecoms Enterprise IoT business units in the UK, North America and South America based on their specific business objectives, enabling them to use their existing strengths in the industry to become market leaders in the enterprise IoT space.
  • Enabled a Global Telecoms company in Asia to move up their value chain by creating a holistic digital strategy; creating an ecosystem of partnerships, acquisitions and products, giving the ability to become the leading player in the IoT space.