IoT, 5G & Blockchain


R3 and Fifth9 have been working on enabling IoT devices to interact with each other and exchange a service, and a payment for that service, with all interactions recorded irrefutably. The Used Case aligns naturally to smart cities enabling IoT devices owned by separate parties to interact but also for companies who need their IoT devices to not only record data but also trigger actions.

Based on our experience in this project and Fifth9’s 10 year + experience in the Telco IoT space, we have written a joint blog on how IoT, Blockchain and 5G can work together to provide real value to businesses and consumers.

You can read the article here.

Bloomsbury Gallery’s Art and Blockchain Exhibition – Empowering Technologies in 2020

Fifth9’s Head of Digital Process, Phillip Harrison, had the pleasure of speaking at Bloomsbury Gallery’s Art and Blockchain exhibitionon 26 February 2020. The event, entitled ‘Empowering Technologies in 2020’, was a series of presentations around real-life projects using technological solutions and can be implemented in real world scenarios — all adding clear value to end users.

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Phillip spoke about how Digital Identify can remove the need to know your phone number, change ownership of data back to the user & simplify painful processes such as buying a phone contract, taking out a mortgage and even lead to a C2C market.

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